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Spring 2019 Semester

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BUS-121, Financial Planning & Money Management, Spring 2019
BUS-123, Introduction to Investments, Spring 2019

Da' Numbas   SWC Investment Club - Simple spreadsheet to use when considering investment real estate

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Lectures now available on iTunes University, YouTube, and 3cMediaSolutions
Apple mobile users (iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone) can now view the audio/visual presentations at iTunes University. Go to iTunesU and search for "BUS121" or "BUS123" to find the classes. The lectures are also available in YouTube and 3cMediaSolutions. Please see the links on the class web page. YouTube has closed-captioning but it is not very good. 3cMediaSolutions has excellent, ADA-compliant closed-captioning.

License to Freedom Seminars  Social Service Agency in El Cajon - Volunteer Position

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BUS-123 made Benzinga's list of "Best Online Courses!"  Ah, the accolades keep pouring in

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Open Office -- Free office software
Libre Office -- More free office software
Google Docs -- Even more free office software
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Worried about how much Google and Facebook know about you?
How to download your Google data and what you will find  And how to delete it!
Here's how to download and delete your Facebook data

"I pledge allegiance to the Corporations
of the Citizens United of America
and to the Billionaires,
for whom they benefit,
one nation, under SuperPACs,
economically divided,
with liberty and justice
for the 0.1%."

Wealth and Income Distribution in the United States
Pale Blue Dot
Do you have $2,385,036? No? Then you are not in the wealthiest 1%.  Scroll down for a very good video.
"There's class warfare, all right, but it's my class, the rich class, that's making war, and we're winning."
-- Warren Buffett, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway
35 Years of Income Distribution in the USA -- 1985 to 2014

Goal setting lesson from Nestor  14-year-old creates a goal and accomplishes it 10 years later.
Update: Community steps forward

Through a Tijuana Turnstile and Into Tacos and Tortas
Food! There are so many fabulous places to eat in TJ. Check 'em out!

A Republican Guide for Handling Mass School Shootings

Don't Panic!
Sage Advise for When the Market Crashes ... on a 3 x 5 card

Lunch Atop a Skyscraper  The iconic photograph that you can never forget

Watch two crazy liberals debate immigration policy  Ronald Reagan and George Bush, the Elder

New York Daily News re: Very Ugly Sick Man
CNN's Fahreed Zakaria re: Very Ugly Sick Man
The Madness of King Putin
Ignorance is Strength
Ugly Sick Man Loves Putin -- Putin Loves Ugly Sick Man
Ugly Sick Man rewrites the poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty
Same arguments as during Fascism in the 1930's and 1940's.
Ugly Sick Man is delivering exactly what they wanted -- white male supremacy
Ugly Sick Lies, Lies, Lies Averaging 15 lies per day in 2018
Yes, as a matter of fact, Fox News Viewers do live on a different planet
Ugly Sick Man is a Scandal-Ridden Scoundrel
The Law is Coming, Ugly Sick Man
Ah, Yes, Collusion is a crime
But it is not called collusion. It is actually called conspiracy. (Scroll down for video.)

David McWilliams Videos: Punk Economics - David's Website
Lessons from the 2008/2009 banking crisis
How to spot a financial crisis before it spots you

From North Korea, With Dread
Number of deaths in World War 2 by country
In the first days of World War 3, this number will be five to ten times higher

Awesome Political Ad for Woman Running for Congress in Texas
She only lost by 3% which is amazing for Texas, the Lone Star Hate

"Bring your desires down to your present means. Increase
them only when your increased means permit." -- Aristotle

Be not afraid.

Yes, he is a proven racist and misogynist. Yes, he has stoked hatred of and encouraged violence against people of color, women, immigrants, and the disabled. Yes, a large number but not a majority of voters were afflicted with the horrible diseases of anger, fear, and ignorance. Yes, he has violated every code of ethics and professional behavior from every honorable organization in the last 100 years. Yes, he has his supporters enacting fascist rituals that are directly out of The Lord of the Flies. Yes, he believes that an example of a good leader is Vladimir Putin, a man who secretly sends his troops into a foreign country and then calls them "volunteers" when they are caught or killed. Yes, he believes democracy is a tool to be used to his own ends, claiming fraud if he loses and claiming victory if he wins. Yet it is important to understand that this sick man only took advantage of deep divisions already present. His election is more a symptom than a cause.

We will not be afraid. We stand against him. There is no doubt that some of his supporters will resort to violence. The KKK is celebrating victory. Anti-Semitism is running rampant. Attacks against minorities and immigrants are almost sure to follow. We will bear witness to the upcoming crimes against humanity and will we not back down. Jesus and Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr. will be by our side

Do your part.
Take the pledge to stand in solidarity against the monster's agenda of fascism, racism, sexism, xenophobia and hate.
Click here to add your name

"The moral arc of the universe in long, but it bends toward justice." -- Martin Luther King, Jr.

P.S. I spoke with two of my friends who are moderate Republicans. They both believe that the inflammatory rhetoric and fascist rituals will be replaced with what is essentially a typical center-right Republican adminstration and they downplay the fascism, racism, sexism, xenophobia and hatred and believe that it was all just to get elected. I pray that they are correct. However, we have seen in the past what has happened when certain segments of a society are demonized and de-humanized. Personally, I believe there are forces of hatred and xenophobia that have been irrevocably unleashed in the United States and it will be difficult to impossible to tame them until after much blood is shed.
P.P.S. They were both wrong.

BUT, here is hope for our future!

Undividing America? The mother says she is a Born-Again Christian. Yet she voted for a monster who brags about grabbing pussies, demonizes entire countries and religions, mocks the disabled, lies continually, and attacks war heros who were shot down by multiple surface-to-air missles and spent 5 years being tortured while he got a deferment from the Vietnam War because of supposed born spurs in his ankle, yet he was still able to play sports. What a fraud!

Fight Ignorance -- Read!

Good Deal for Students from Amazon
Music from Trash  This is good. Scroll down and play the video.
A Little Girl Gives Coins To A Street Musician And Gets The Best Surprise In Return
A Girl in Mexico Attached Her Christmas List to a Balloon. A Man Across the Border Found It.

Agribusiness Comes To Mexico  And the results ain't pretty.
What is the world's population percentages of the three major races?

Ending Prohibition II  Uh, it's about time, dontcha' think?
"We Couldn't Have Done Worse If We Tried"  Orange County Judge / Prosecuter says it is time to end the War on Drugs
It's High Time to End Prohibition II
What Science Says About Marijuana  Psst! It is far less dangerous than alcohol and tobacco
Why Is Marijuana Illegal?  Can you say, "Racism?" Sure you can!
The Injustice of Marijuana Arrests Did anyone say, "Racism?" Sure they did!
An alternative view of the relationship of Mexico, the US, and the War on Drugs

Climate change? What climate change!?  Shhh. Don't show this to your Republican friends.
Southern Florida is in big trouble  And their ex-governor, now senator, refused to allow state employees to say the words "climate change."
And Greenland's glaciers and ice sheets are melting  Courtesy of Yale Climate Forum. Yale? Wasn't that where W went to college?

Untold Riches Can Soon Be Yours!  Real estate scam

CFOs give their best personal finance advice in one minute and 12 seconds
Excellent advice from an 84-year-old financial planner
A Wall Street Money Manager Criticizes the Republicans Inferior People Should Not Be Allowed to Vote!
Benjamin Graham Financial Network - Buy When Stocks Are On Sale! - Commentary
Mr. Bogle sticks it to the insurance companies  And Senator Hatch is not amused...

An hour of TV takes 22 minutes from your life!
The National Institute of Health's quick take on the study

Remembrance of Sir John Templeton
Quotes from some of the best investors of the last 100 years
This is what buying low feels like -- A bit of humor

The Oracle of Manitoba?
Randolph McDuff -- Forbes Article
The Oracle of Manitoba is Buying -- Sept 2011

What's that McRib made of, anyway?  Uh, maybe you do not want to know...

The Standard Model of Physics is Given a Shot in the Arm by Cris Fitch  Here is the latest version of the paper that might change the world.
The World According to Cris Fitch  Saved for posterity. Quite possibly a new understanding of sub-atomic particles.

Just for Laughs!

Canadian Screaming Severed Head (Yes, it is funny. Not scary.)
This guy is crazy!
FireFox or Chrome or IE?
Guess the Web Browser!
I don't ever want to drive in Russia ...
Spurious Correlations   Per capital consumption of cheese and civil engineering Ph.D's!

Support Same-Sex Marriage

Everyone Deserves The Right To Be Miserable!

In this day and age, no one should be denied the opportunity
to make what could be the worst decision of their lifetime!
Equality California

Excellent video of the struggle for equality
Even Good Ol' Boys are coming around


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