Introduction to Investments: A Free Manual for Building Wealth
BUS-123 Textbook - Fall 2021

Welcome to the BUS-123, Introduction to Investments, Textbook
A Work in Progress

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Introduction to Investments: A Free Manual for Building Wealth

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Check out the Pressbooks version of the text.
It's pretty easy to use but not as powerful as I would like, personally.

Introduction to Investments: Version
After much weeping and gnashing of teeth: Pressbooks Generated Cover

First stab at LibreTexts. Pretty darned good! Excellent web-based
version but still have to see what the finished PDF/EPUB/textbook looks like.

Introduction to Investments:

After fighting with InDesign for many hours, it finally is starting to look good.
However, it is just so damned complicated that I think I am
going to work with LibreTexts and revisit InDesign later.
Or maybe I can find a graphics artist who could make the book look professional.

Introduction to Investments: InDesign Version
(Psst. It looks better if you open it in Adobe Acrobat and ask for [Two Page] view.

Introduction to Investments

These are the original Google Docs documents that I used to write the prose.
From now on, I will most likely use directly.

Forward: Open Educational Resources (OER) - This Book is Free to Read

Preface: Welcome to Introduction to Investments

Part 1: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction, Overview, and Risk versus Return
Chapter 2: Mutual Funds: Investments for the Masses

Part 2: Stocks, also known as Equities

Chapter 3: Introduction to Stocks
Chapter 4: Fundamental Analysis: Valuation Models
Chapter 5: Fundamental Analysis: Financial Statements and Ratio Analysis
Chapter 6: Market Efficiency Theory: Who Can Beat the Market?
Chapter 7: Technical Analysis: Reading Squiggles on a Computer Screen

Part 3: Bonds, also known as Fixed Investments or Fixed Income Investments

Chapter 8: Introduction to Bonds
Chapter 9: Bond Yields and Valuations
Chapter 10: Hybrid Securities - Preferred Stock and Convertibles Securities

Part 4: Portfolio Management

Chapter 11: Portfolio Diversification and Asset Allocation

Part 5: Speculating, also known as Trading, better described as Gambling

Chapter 12: Options Contracts
Chapter 13: Futures Contracts
Chapter 14: Buying on Margin and Selling Short
Chapter 15: Precious Metals, Art, and Collectibles
Chapter 16: Cryptocurrencies

Part 6: Miscellaneous Topics in Investing

Chapter 17: Retirement Accounts, Regular Accounts, and Annuities
Chapter 18: Real Estate and Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)
Chapter 19: Internal Rate of Return and Net Present Value
Chapter 20: Starting a Business - The Ultimate Investment

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